Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Right-Left Hemispheric People

It is good to recognize the type of personality you communicate or deal with. Very often, the type of personality is backed by the “hemisphere dominance.”

Ask a person to put palms together and bind fingers, quickly.

If the left thumb is on top, then you deal with the right-hemispheric person.

The right-hemispheric people are:

  • very talented;
  • inventive;
  • see every situation as the whole;
  • good at orientating in space/land/life situations;
  • adore high speed;
  • fearless;
  • have a lot of natural charm, friendliness and charisma;
  • direct & dominative in relationships;
  • impulsive;
  • may feel confused in delicate situations;
  • occasionally experience difficulties in finding the right answer (at exams, tests,  social situations when others obviously intend to dominate them);
  • immediately recognize fake emotions and “show-off”;
  • actively resist direct guidance and pressure from other people;
  • react first, then start analyzing;
  • often make mistakes in writing and reading and never bother with details;
  • quickly forget and forgive you;
  • live according to principle: “All or nothing!”
  • naturally generous;
  • prefer the “Veni, vedi, vice” lifestyle.

If you are provoking or looking for conflict with the right-hemispheric person,

…they would try to resolve the situation peacefully…

If you have missed this strategy and keep on steaming up situation,

…you will be attacked…

If the right thumb is on top, then you deal with a left-hemispheric person.

These people:

  • prefer logic rather than real feelings;
  • notice details first;
  • feel and structure time quite well;
  • masters in setting goals, outlining plans and follow them gradually;
  • good analytics;
  • skilled at detailed logically organized planning;
  • have good memory for detailed information, figures, events and texts;
  • have difficulties in outlining the holistic picture of events, phenomenon, experience;
  • often get stuck in details, plunging other people in quarrels and ‘clarifying relationships’;
  • to keep up with right-hemispheric people in pace, they often ‘try hard” to do something
  • often notice and point publically at your mistakes in spelling, speech and behavior;
  • may pretend that they love something or somebody;
  • carefully form their social image and stand on guard for it;
  • easily imitate others and follow them;
  • very careful in social situations and are eager to please you;
  • often tend to accuse and find faults with you;
  • envious of your success and are never sincerely happy for your achievements;
  • compete with you for better results, leadership and popularity;

…they would please you, telling you sweet words…
…and wait for your appreciation…

if you make them a laughing stock publically, they would keep offense for a long time,

…counting and registering your drawbacks..

So, one day they would ‘bite you’ unexpectedly and painfully!

Of course, all the characteristics discussed above are rather relative. During our lifetime, we acquire or develop purposely qualities from other people skills (hemispheric modalities).

Moreover, biologically our hemispheric activities change every 45 minutes. Right now you can test which of them is active now. Look at the dancing figure below. Which side is it turning now?

If it is moving clockwise, then you left hemisphere is active.

If counter clockwise – your right brain is functioning.

If the figure is changing its motion to the right and then left accordingly, then you are ambidextrous, i.e. your brain halves are in perfect and agreeable balance.

Enjoy knowledge. It always leads you to success!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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