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Are you the Type Two: Comfortable & Subtle Energy?

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Primary Movement: Fluid, Flowing
Natural Gift: Details—“What do we need to know and do to make the idea possible?”
Dominant Quality: Calmly connecting us to our hearts and each other.
Beauty Code Word: Beautiful!


Its natural primary movement is fluid and flowing.

If you have a dominant Type Two movement, you have a fluid, flowing energy. You are naturally calming, inviting, subdued and sensitive.

The Type Two energy is an introvert expression, moving in a subtle and connected flow to create in this world.  

Other keywords that describe the movement of this energy in a dominant Type Two are: blended, soft, steady, easy-going, relaxed, connected, nurturing, comforting and warm.

You may have been told a lot as a child and even in your adult life to “Hurry up!” or “Make up your mind!” Your energy is like the afterglow of a beautiful sunset or the light along the horizon at dawn, creating an ambience of grace, softness and comfort. Your presence adds refinement and grace to the earth.

Comfort is a priority in every aspect of your life.

Acting appropriately so as not to cause any discomfort for others, wearing comfortable clothing, sitting on comfortable furnishings, enjoying comfortable relationships, consuming comforting food, sharing comfortable communication, comfort is a priority.

You are naturally sensitive. You are sensitive to how people feel around you. You are sensitive if people feel uncomfortable, and you have a natural gift of inviting them to feel more comfortable. You are sensitive to details and plans.

Challenge: Before you can make a decision and move forward, you can get stuck in the investigation stage by questions and gathering details, you feel like you need to ask even more questions and gather more details

Challenge: You tend to fuss over details. If this attribute is not channeled in a positive way, you will frequently fuss and worry about life’s details, such as money, health and relationships. Find a hobby that allows you to use this natural gift of paying attention to details so you can channel this energy into something that adds value to your life rather than prodding you to worry.


You encourage other people to relax and take it easy. You connect with people from your heart. If someone is feeling down, you quietly help them feel better.

Phrases commonly used to describe your personality: “You are so easy-going.”

Challenge: Your priority is not honor and recognition. It is to be appropriate to others so they feel comfortable with you. Your softened, muted energy can cause you to feel like you blend into the background, causing you to feel unimportant. You can feel overlooked and unnoticed.

Challenge: You can judge your subtle relaxed nature to be weak and wimpy, but your type movement is a subtle power. The next time you have that thought, just think of a big powerful river,

or a mighty willow tree with deep roots and cascading

and compare yourself to that movement.

There is no weakness there, just a deep steady flow, knowing exactly where it is going.


Your thoughts follow a steady stream that all connect and make sense. You want a lot of details, so you can make these connections in your mind. You need questions answered and details gathered to make a decision.

You like your plans to follow a steady flow. You are not readily adaptable to change. You cannot as readily disconnect from what your plan is to a new plan.

Challenge: Your attention to detail can turn into brooding, fussing and worrying excessively. Of the four Types, you are the worriers! So, worry is an appeal for what you don’t want.


You are slower in responding. If you are called upon to answer quickly or to speak without preparation, or if you fear that too much depends on your response, you become restless and do not find the right words and consequently often make a false and unsatisfactory reply.


Your behavioral tendencies are expressed like a calm, steady river, moving along methodically in a relaxed, subtle manner following the plans you have made.


You value emotional availability, consistency, fiscal responsibility, and accountability in your relationships. You have innate sensitivity to be appropriate so others feel comfortable around you.


You are diplomatic, empathetic, proper, careful, preferring to observe rather than participate in larger social settings. You have an introverted energy. This does not mean you are shy. That is a label with a negative connotation. An introverted energy means that your energy expresses itself as an inward flow rather than an outward flow. Due to your soft-spoken nature, others may perceive you as shy.


You may appear to others to be slow at your tasks. Yet what you are really doing is working carefully and reliably, but only if you have plenty time and are not pressed.


You typically plan out your exercise and fitness. You like to have a plan and follow it. You enjoy interacting with others on a more intimate level in your recreational and physical pursuits.


Your energy creates an atmosphere of calmness and connections. Your fluid, flowing energy relaxes people around you. You are naturally a calming influence to the rest of us. Others experience you as modest and humble. Your skeptic nature and need to ask questions can cause others to see you as a doubter or a complainer. But you are not!


“You are so beautiful/handsome!”


  • Blended
  • Careful
  • Classical
  • Comfortable
  • Composed
  • Consistent
  • Delicate
  • Detailed
  • Diplomatic
  • Dreamy
  • Elegant
  • Fine
  • Flowing
  • Fluid
  • Gentleness
  • Graceful
  • Harmonized
  • Heavenly
  • Innocent
  • Inviting
  • Lavish
  • Lovely
  • Luxurious
  • Modest
  • Muted
  • Mysterious
  • Neat
  • Particular
  • Pleasing
  • Relaxed
  • Romantic
  • Sensitive
  • Soft
  • Soothing
  • Subtle
  • Traditional
  • Warmness
  • Wise

This genius profile system was developed by Carol Tuttle

If you recognized yourself as Type Two energy person, how do you feel now?

You may be not this pure type personality and may possess beautiful human qualities of this energy, as well as combining successfully the other three types.

Or, may your character be like a wild stream in the mountains?

To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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