Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Quickest Method of Feeling Good, Always

I would like to share with you the biggest discovery of my life.

It makes me always feeling good, nice and comfortable.

Get or prepare your favorite food.

Before applying this method, just confess that you have no problems at all.

Instead, you have challenges, i.e. interesting and exciting tasks to implement.

Now declare:

My  Past  Is  Absolutely  Happy!

You take a spoonful / piece of your nice dish and say:

My  Past  Is  Absolutely  Happy!

Eat and say:

My  Past  Is  Absolutely  Happy!

Your body will be informed about the fact, that you started living to the full capacity.  

It will relax and feel with endorphins – neuro hormones of happiness.

Practice this method regularly, the results will surprise you!

No therapist or psychiatrist will ever be needed since your first declaration:

My  Past  Is  Absolutely  Happy!

Because it is the absolute truth:

you eat your favorite food and enjoy the process.

Eat as much as you love.

Predictions for the future: no troubles from the past will ever bother you again,

Natalia Levis-Fox

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