Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Research: Prayer and Distance Healing

Professor Randolph Byrd at the University of California studied 393 patients in a coronary care unit (a unit for people with heart conditions, at San Fransisco General Hospital). 

Without their knowledge, and without the knowledge of any of the staff, these patients were randomly assigned by a computer to two groups.  The names of one group were then given to people spread across the United States, whose instructions were to "pray for" this person. 

Each patient in that half had 5-7 people praying for them each day.  Those "praying" had no special instructions on what praying meant.

The results were astounding.  The prayed for patients were five times less likely to need antibiotics; three times less likely to develop fluid in the lungs.  None of those prayed for died or required emergency intubation (placing a tube down the throat to maintain breathing, which 12 of the other group needed).

Those who have faith have special texts prescribed by their religion. They pray knowingly for themselves and others. So, the words of prays go the source whre all wishes are realized.

Non-believers can also create their own texts to wish their beloved people health, fast recovering, prosperity, and whatever they want.  

If you have no those you love (it happens sometimes), you may wish health, prosperity and love to the whole world:

“I wish love, health and prosperity to the world,”
you might say every morning and night before going to sleep.

By doing this you become healthier, lovelier and more prosperous yourself, together with the world, including.

Our earth


Wild animals


With each wish, fresh energy is circulating in your entire being…

Natalia Levis-Fox


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