Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miracles For Every Day

Yesterday I started preparing for publishing a new project: a “Book of Miracles”, a luxurious hardback volume.

You were born to sparkle, live a beautiful and satisfying life!

It is the family treasure book, in expensive leather cover with golden stamped letters; text printed on a very high-quality paper…

It is the type of book, which you are going to pass as a highly valuable heritage to your children and grandchildren…

“Book of Miracles” is the sort of manual, which will always inspire you in hard times, hesitations, uncertainty and troubles. As a reliable and silent friend it will bring you comfort and understanding, fresh ideas and creative approach for solutions.


This book contains the most secret knowledge about marvellous power you are going to master with step-by-step instructions and concepts. This mysterious power will make you (and members of your family)

  1. very strong and powerful;
  2. absolutely healthy;
  3. magical;
  4. Influential, if it is important to you;
  5. rich;
  6. being loved by the whole world;
  7. being admired everywhere;
  8. looking 10, 15 or even 20 years younger than your passport age!

Unlike e-books, you are able to read your beautiful manual
even at candle light…

You will also be able:

  1. to fulfil your wishes;
  2. to gain unbelievable results;
  3. to open and use every possibility you will need;
  4. to create any personal quality;
  5. to become very human and hearted;
  6. to unfold your beautiful soul;
  7. to get wise advice from the marvellous Universe in your affairs;
  8. to experience the ecstasy of love,

and other wonderful events…

My Publisher will create and print your copy for 7-14  days, as an artwork. The book is very expensive, of course.

I had been gathering information for this project for many years from different ancient books, manuscripts. I was trained and consulted by Eastern monks and outstanding people.  

This richly illustrated project is in full preparation and is planned to be ready in March, 2014.

Now you can evaluate one of the pictures:

Dancing crane in love

Below is the logo of Levis-Fox Art Gallery, the title you will find on first page of your family treasure.

Live in miracles!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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