Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adventures: Ballooning

I was born in the family of a military pilot, so my love to the skies and extreme is very natural.

The smell of winds, fresh air, planes, helicopters, machine oil and aluminium is very dear to me.

The feeling of flight, freedom, adventures and roaring airdrome sounds are inseparable parts of my life. I was supposed to be born a boy. To compensate his disappointment my father brought me up in a boyish manner: no complaints, no tears, spirit of adventures, courage, sense of honour, friendship, fearlessness and speed. My best friends were always boys…

I fly   helicopters,   planes   and balloons.

I was lucky to have my first flight in balloon with the President of Russian Federation of Ballooning. This flight was unforgettable.

Flying in balloon, Elbrus is visible at a distance.
We ski there all the year round.

If you did not try this fantastic experience yet, try!

You are floating in silent air, very, very slowly. 

Earth is far down.

The sound of burning helium is a little bit frightening. The pilot regulates balloon manoeuvres by adding or reducing fire.

Landing is rather unpredictable, but funny and exciting!

Balloonists are outstanding people (there are a lot of them in your country)

Balloonists  are always winners

Practically all of them have a nice feeling of humor.

I have not tried electric airplanes yet.

But I will!

Life is an adventure itself… even at night...

Natalia Levis-Fox

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