Sunday, May 18, 2014

Caucasus: Horses of Karachaevskaya Breed

This Sunday I spent a great time in company of horse breeders from Karachaevo-Csherkessia.  

We were together at the informal conference in the picturesque place called

Honey waterfalls.

In the old days, before people built this tiny spa resort,

bees lived in the rock holes, behind the water.

A pool with mountain trout from the nearby river

We shall see horses of a rare Caucasian breed “karachaevskaya” – named after people living in the area

from the stud farm belonging to

Hasan Salgaparov (on the left)

This is a very beautiful scenery on both sides of road to his farm, on the big green plateau, 70 km from Honey waterfalls.

The yellow flowers on the photo are Caucasian Azalea, filling with fragrance the air.

The pictures below had been taken during the 1st National Horse Fair.

This fair is not only beautiful horses’ demonstration and sales. 

It is a national holiday with dancers dressed in their folk clothes

The most exciting part of the fair is ‘dzhigitovka’ – the national art of riding with body tricks.

There are so many talented people everywhere!

Let modest appearance not to deceive you

Hasan Salgaparov,
a talented businessperson and owner of hundreds of beautiful horses.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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