Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How Knowledge Defends & Protects You

“…The only defense needed is knowledge. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have, the less pain you have, the less stress you feel, the less anguish you feel, and the less danger you experience of any form or sort.

There is no limitation in the concept behind the word knowledge. Therefore the value of the word “knowledge” is infinite. You could think of how that one concept, that one meaning frees you from all limitation.

The better you become at describing reality, the better you will be at controlling it. When you can describe something, you are able to grasp it.

Rising in awareness, growing in knowledge and raising consciousness is for the purpose of knowing reality through being better at describing it and hence being better at creating and controlling it. Science is about describing reality precisely.

You gain knowledge for the purpose of gaining the power to get what you want. It is about control. Until you are able to control something, you do not know it fully. The reason why we all want to learn anything is so that we can get what we want.

Knowledge is the power to get what we want. Science deals with the study and experiment of natural forces so that we can understand them and then control them and use them. Science reaches its master level when it can control a force. To control is to know...”
Enoch Tan

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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