Friday, May 16, 2014

My Garden: Night Butterfy in Quince Flowers

Quince is called “Golden Apple”, considered to have grown in Eden Garden

It is blowing the last among fruit trees.

Quince flowers are tenderly colored in white-pink shades.

For some unknown reason the blossoming period of all fruit trees in my garden was marked with rains.

Rain drops on petals

There are always miracles in my garden: whatever I love, appear in a marvelous way

Bee sleeping in an apple tree flower.

Experts explain that if bees are late for home, they stay and sleep in flowers they like best.

Wild violets appear from nowhere

Beautiful dogs come from nowhere to live and guard the house.

There are also plenty of birds coming to my garden every day: magpies, starlings, warblers, nightingales. But they prefer not to be photoed, like eagles I meet in the wild.

And this is the night butterfly drinking nectar at night

…from quince flower

Quince fruits are very good for health, skin and hair.

In October I make jam and candied fruit.

It is very very tasty!

Life is sweet…and full of miracles!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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