Monday, May 12, 2014

Need To Feel Loved Today?

Do you have a nice habit to expresse gratitude for something amazing?

If not, begin with Love. It will pleasantly change your moods;

will add something touching, warm and human…

Just start saying a very easy phrase in which gratitude is expressed:

“"Today I am grateful for love."

Pay attention to all the signs of love today, you will find love in nature, in people, in yourself...

Love is everywhere, surrounding you, always,

even when you don't feel it or think it is there, it is...

Love is the energy of the Universe - when you connect to love, when you celebrate love,

when you are grateful for love –

you connect directly to the heart of the Universe

and raise your vibration to a miraculous level.

“Today I am grateful for love!"”

Original idea of gratitude statements by Kristen Howe

Tomorrow I will uncover you the secret of ‘negative’ self-talk, i.e. of something ‘talking’ in your head and terrorizing you from the past or uknown human environments (people with their false opinions about you).

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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