Friday, May 2, 2014

Out of Alcohol!

Last week there was a hectic discussion at ‘Linkedin’ professional Substace Abuse Counselor Network. I used the word ‘hectic” because I was not believed and attacked by some colleagues (ladies, to be exact).

I worked in private addictions treatment clinic and found roots of alcohol addictions. Traditional methods did not work and I was an addict myself.  Thanks to neurobiological research and Dr Richard Bolstad’s complex approach I got out of dependence. I left clinic and had my own practice. My clients, who parted with alcohol, prefer to stay unknown. So no testimonials are ever published.

I claimed that alcohol addiction can be ‘treated’ for 3-4 sessions.

In reality, alcohol addictions treatment is nothing but a medical metaphor. There is nothing to treat or cure or heal there.

You cannot make a beautiful sea out of a dirty sticky swamp!

Anyway, the person, who expresses their will to part with alcohol, is transferred to the level of absolute health, wellness, success and natural pleasure sources. Their alcoholic past is closed.

For the last 13 years passed since that time I never drank a single drop of alcohol.

The process of addiction elimination consists of 4 stages:

(1) We find out the hidden intent for drinking
 (2) Cure PTSD and other unpleasant roots of stress with my computer program ‘Eye Movement Integrator’ very fast, one painful event at a time.
(3) Set goals for client’s satisfying life (business, work, private life and relationships, etc, on their own conditions).
(4) We change the source of life and pleasure (addicted people fight against other people and themselves due to the past source imposed by caregivers, parents, school, i.e. somebody else’s concept of their individuality & personality).

So I decided to write a book “Out of Alcohol!” in the form of a self-guide, with step-by-step instructions for a person, who decided to part with alcohol forever!

The matrix of the book is ready. I need some rest from my previous projects and by the end of May 2014 the book will be ready and published by Smashwords Inc, USA.

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If you have any requests, comments, wishes, recommendations to be included in my book, let me know.

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Live with pleasure!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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