Friday, June 12, 2015

Caucasus: Habaz & Emerald Green Nature

Today we are celebrating our national holiday ‘Russia’s Day’. Our country is getting stronger, more and more and prosperous. New small and big businesses are being opened; hotels, markets and shops grow like mushrooms under rain; national unity is strengthening. People build beautiful modern houses. Each family has one or more cars. Agriculture is developing, etc, etc, etc. Kids play in the open air. Younger generation gets higher education. People live in peace…

Caucasus, where I live is very beautiful in June. Its color is emerald green. I travelled to a new place for me today. It is situated in the Malka river valley, on the territory inhabited by Kabardins.

The chosen destination was the waterfalls near Habaz village.

The local population calls them “Golden Crown”.

These waterfalls are situated so far from well-known tourists places of interest.

Fortunately or not, I lost the way and missed the place 30 km far to the West. I did not regret it. Accompanied by my Spanish dog, we enjoyed the scenery in the area of alpine meadows.

You feel freedom in places like this

Open air, emerald green hills

…blue sky…

…and eagles floating in the wind…

The ground road with stones was built for local population. 

Each family has their own land in the mountains for cattle and hay.

The young men who actively participate in their families’ agricultural activities grow physically strong and fearless.

Each of them can ride horses.

The beginning of June is the period in the mountains when wild roses blossom in fine profusion.

You can also go to wild places, enjoy the beauty of nature. Bring home petals of wild roses, herbs and

…make a luxurious fragrant bath with milk… petals of roses… fruit…
to feel loved by Divine nature…
…and those, who care how you feel…

Have a nice weekend!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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