Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Erotic Food: Lemon Pie

Evening is the family time. It is time for comfort, human warmth, relaxation and pleasure.

Nice and tasty food unites people at the table, converting fatigue into pleasant moods and satisfaction. Pleasant moods and satisfaction, in their turn, are akin to erotic and playful state of mind.

So today, we shall bake a wonderful lemon pie. We shall make it step by step. It will be wonderful and anybody can easily bake it. Moreover, you will saturate it with your sex energy. The effects are fantastic!

We will need two large sheets of frozen puff pastry.

If you find smaller ones in your local shop,

you can join them together.

Using the manufacturer’s instructions, unfreeze the pastry. Light the oven.

And, here we go!

1. Cut one big or two smaller lemons into pieces.

2. Put them into your electric mincing machine you use for meat. It will mill them into small pieces.

3. Add as much sugar as you like.

4. Add some vanillin crystals: they are secret ingredients for sex desire… in the process of baking it will emanate the incredible fragrance…

5. Take one egg and separate the white from the yolk. Pour the white into the cup with lemon.

6. Smile with pleasure and your rich imagination while stirring lemon with sugar, the white and vanillin.

7. Put some flour on your table .

and baking tray

8. Roll out the one of sheets to the size of the baking tray. It should be several centimeters larger than the bottom. Put the sheet there.

9. Cut the second sheet to the strips

10. Cut the edges with knife, as if you are making leaves.

11. Pour the lemon mixture into your baking pan or tray.

12. Decorate the top with strips-leaves.

13. Take the yolk and putting your fingers into the cup, lubricate the pie with yolk. Smile with pleasure all the time…

14. Cover your pie with linen towel for 10-16 minutes before putting into the oven. This will allow the pastry to become fluffy.

15. Read manufacturer’s instructions about time and temperature of baking. Regulate the temperature and put your pie inside.

This is how my pie looking. 

Yours will be even more beautiful…

Bonne appétit!

P.S. The longer you cook it, the more extensive is pleasure for both sides...

Natalia Levis-Fox

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