Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Formula of Beautiful Life

This is my motto. I practice it every day, beginning with morning. When you pronounce it lazing in bed, you smile with pleasure…

Just pronounce it yourself:

My beautiful life begins with my beautiful thoughts

If you speak several foreign languages, translate this motto into them. Our brains process different languages we speak in diverse areas. It gives your brain an excellent chance to involve pleasure areas for your good.

A ‘thought’ is a well-formed sentence, an idea with your personal meaning about this or that event, plan, thing or person.

Actually, the phrase

My beautiful life begins with my beautiful thoughts

is an emotionally colored formula. Emotionally colored ideas become true, when you practice your ideas regularly. This is how our psychics and intelligence function.

You can fill the formula’s components with your own words and get wonderful results:

“My luxurious life begins with my luxurious thoughts”
“My brilliant life begins with my brilliant thoughts”
“My wonderful life begins with my wonderful thoughts”, etc

Think of your best desire, form a phrase and add it after motto:

“My beautiful life begins with my beautiful thoughts and I am beautiful!”

Do it the first thing in the morning.

If you are going to travel to beautiful places, where somebody is waiting for you,

imagine the picture of the place and

dream about your date with details, without words.

The effect will be even stronger!

The smile of pleasure will immediately appear on your face and lips. This, in turn, will release the substances of sweetness into you blood and body. With pleasure inside – you fly all day!!!!!!!

No drugs or alcohol will ever be needed…

So, fly!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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