Monday, June 22, 2015

Your Two Halves: Current & Core Identities

This magnificent information I got in the form of newsletter form Carol Tuttle. You will love to learn something wonderful about yourself!

"…Did you know that we all live our lives with two separate identities?

Our first identity is the one we’re most familiar with. Our Current Identity – This is who we are, right now.

But there is a second identity – Something called your Core Identity.
Now everyone has a Core Identity. Even you. This identity holds your greatest desires and your biggest dreams. And it’s all about the deep, meaningful experiences you want out of life.

In short, your Core Identity is you are meant to be.
Now here’s a short exercise I’d like you to try out. It’ll help you understand and discover your own core.

There’s a list of 24 questions I’d like you to answer BUT before you do, keep the following three things in mind:

No Limitations – Don't limit your imagination to the confines of money, health, geography, or limiting people.

No Consequences – Your perfect day should be something safe and shouldn't be anything that will get you in trouble (or arrested…)

Average –It has to be something you could do everyday and not get killed (this means your perfect day would not include climbing Mount Everest, for example.)

With those three things in mind, start answering the following questions to form your perfect day.

1 Where would you live? 
2 What would your house look like? 
3 What time would you wake up? 
4 What would you do in the morning? 
5 What would you have for breakfast?
6 What does the everyday stuff look like? (e.g. taking kids to school)
7 What would you do in the first half of your day? 
8 What would you eat for lunch? 
9 Who would you eat with? 
10 What would your friends be like? 
11 What would you do for personal fulfillment? 
12 What purpose would you strive for? 
13 What would your business be? 
14 What would you actually do for work? 
15 What are your clients like? 
16 What are your relationships like? What do you like about each other?
17 What would you do for family time?
18 What is the relationship with your kids like? What do you appreciate about each other?
19 What would you have for dinner? Where would you eat?
20 What would you talk about over dinner? 
21 What would you do at night? 
22 Who would you do it with? 
23 Where would you do it? 
24 What would your thoughts be as you go to sleep? 
Go into as much detail as possible. 

When you have a clear picture of who you are — this is your core identity.
When you start upgrading your beliefs and habits, that's when you start moving in the direction of your core identity. You'll start experiencing exponential growth and improvements in many areas of your life.

But it all starts with your beliefs and habits.”

P.S. Everybody has their own Core Identity: irrelevant to age, state of health, personal experience (be it even negative), social status, etc.

The nice day is already waiting for you!
Miracles are everywhere. They are in the outer world, just notice them…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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