Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Problems Fast Solution: The 80/20 Energy Principle

Every day I get newsletters from my colleagues living in different countries. Below is a nice method from Paul Bauer. It assists you in getting rid from disturbing you problems.

“Here’s a cool experiment for you to try.

This may take all of 5 minutes, but can help you immeasurably.

Write down the issues, challenges, or problems
that you face in your life. (finances, health,
energy, love, confidence, business or career,

After you’ve got that list, circle the top 3 things
that cause the greatest drain on your energy.

If a part of you wants to avoid doing this, thinking
that it might cause more problems, this little exercise
may be a major breakthrough for you.

(I do this often by the way, whenever I feel stressed
or overwhelmed and every time I do it, the stress
fades in minutes)

Now that you’ve got your top three stressors, circle
the one that you feel is the major one - the one that
drains the most energy. If you’ve heard of the 80/20
principle - that’s what we’re working with here.

In short, the gist of the 80/20 principle is that 80
percent of your energy issues are caused by 20%
(or less) of the issues you face. So, if your Heart
is in this process, the next step can make all the
difference for you.

The 80/20 Energy Principle

Take that one issue that drains most of your
energy (Chi) and ask yourself:

“What would my life be like if I were free of this issue?”

Write down what comes to you:



(print this message and it will work even better)

One last question…

What do I prefer instead of this issue?




(and here’s the key - because it’s the resistance
to the problem that's causing the energy (Chi) drain.
(also called Chi Stagnation)

In other words, the real root of the problem
is really just the energy of the problem has
stagnated in your mind and body. The energy
just isn’t flowing. Left unchecked this stagant,
Chi can cause health issues of all kinds.”

This method works perfectly!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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