Friday, February 7, 2014

Bedroom: Paradise with Your Own Hands

Bedroom is the place for sweet dreams, night rest and love. After passionate love, you fall into sleep satisfied and pleased, right?

Today we shall make a paradise out of your bedroom. Paradise is the place and beautiful space, where divine love is vibrating all the time. It makes us feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Divine love is the Love itself. It is abstract, all knowing and Omni active. When you know this secret, you breathe with wonderful love all the time… It is your health… Not a single disease or cold will never approach you…

If you live in your own place or rent it, you can always make the decorations by yourself.

This is what  you can do for a small bedroom or guests’ room.

This is my version.
In reality, the colours are much more beautiful and juicy

Your guests also deserve to sleep in paradise…

As you noticed, this small bedroom is done in green shades. Green is the colour of nature. It is the color of vitality and absolute health. Your eyes are never bored with greenness.

Green drapes 

frame luscious tulle with bight exotic birds, leaves and flowers.

Pink is the colour of tenderness and gentle sensations of being loved…

At daytime, your bedroom is always filled by bright nature.

At night, with drapes completely covering your window, they serve as the healthy background to your safety…and do not distract you from intimate love and dreams enjoyment.

The bed cover, as you noticed, matches the atmosphere of vitality.

I have chosen fluffy and silky fabric.
When you stretch out on it or even touch it,
you smile with physical pleasure…

Now let us speak about your bedclothes. If lovemaking is very important to you,

…then multicoloured bedclothes
will add passion to you both…

…Your bed will turn into the ‘love-drome’…

For small bedrooms, the best colour for walls is white. Whiteness enlarges space and makes your lungs and breath healthier.

White imprinted wallpaper enforces beauty of your bedroom

You may whitewash your old wallpaper with snow-white acrylic paint. It dries very fast, for an hour or so.

Never put images of wild animals (ex tigers) or pictures with sharp corners, angles or photographs of dead people in your bedroom. They always boost nightmares or unpleasant dreams.

Put away pictures of people you prefer as models to yourself (ex actors, singers or famous people). These photographs carry psychic traces of their personality, their failures, their unpleasant thoughts and events.

The best pictures in your bedroom are with abstract compositions with comforting and love inspiring colours.

I put my own picture “Your Sunny Soul”,
made with tender wool fibres.

You can easily select your own preferences, after you buy textiles.

When you buy textile for drapes, get an extra meter for pillows. Tomorrow we shall make modern multicoloured pillows for your beautiful paradise.

When you go and choose all ingredients for your paradise bedroom with pleasure, you already will be filling it with delight. 

Will you make curtains with your own hands? If ‘yes’, you will need a sewing machine. If you do not have, buy!

I use electric “Singer”, reliable and easy in use.

Later you may learn to make every type of clothes, even winter or skiing coats. The example is below.

It took me only a day to make this yellow skiing coat of fleece. 
(Google animated this picture with falling snow. How very touchy...)

Live, select and buy beautiful things with pleasure. You will be loved everywhere!

To be continued with “Master-Class: Modern Love Pillows”

Natalia Levis-Fox

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