Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Secret of Happy Couples

Lovely relationships begin with friendship.

“A date is for friendship.
By being a friend first, you can show your true, awesome-self.
No plays.
No bullshit.
And you’d also be a lot more relaxed.
Whatever happens, happen.
Let it flow.”
Alden Tan

This information changes a lot, right?
It explains why most marriages and relationships fail…
Sex is good, but it doesn’t’ substitute warm and friendly relationships, everybody is seeking in the outer world.

In other words, happiness is not complete without comfort, delight and ease in each other’s presence.

This is the secret of happy couples. They begin with authentic friendship and last forever! Unfaithfulness never occurs in lovely relationships.

Lovely relationships imply real respect,

satisfying love and tenderness...

common interests and  mutual joy

at victories and success

 sincere care about each other…
(Google animated this picture with snow)
If you or you partner are not genuinely friendly, the relationships are fake. They never last long. Satisfaction never comes…

What do you think?
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Natalia Levis-Fox

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