Friday, February 28, 2014

Method: How to Find Out Real Human Feelings and Attitudes

Continued from: Prosperity, Loving Universe and Genuine Friends

Today you will learn to find out who is who in your social environment. In other words, you will find access to real feelings and attitudes of people you deal with.

If you are afraid to discover the truth about your friends and people you care, you’d better quit this article. Usually, it happens to those who are scared to remain alone, without social surroundings and prefer to play friends and lovers. 


1. You must be alone at home or in the room. Sit quietly and comfortably with the intention to discover the truth.

2. You will use the opposite wall as the screen for images projection. On the wall you will be putting images of people, one after another.

3. Put the image of the most important person to you on the wall. If you are not skilled at creating images, take their photograph.

4. Watch and study the person for some time.

Does this person turn away from you?
What is coming from them: coldness, envy, competitive moods?

Or is their smile/look warm, encouraging and supportive?
Are there waves of pleasure, friendliness and love coming from him/her?

5. You may even ask this person “What do you want from me?” But this is not necessary. By doing this you will be interfering into another person’s mind and secrets.

The aim of this method is to feel another person, using irrational consciousness. This unreasonable part of you can elicit only feelings and sensations. Thank this part for active cooperation after you finish.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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