Friday, February 28, 2014

Prosperity, Loving Universe and Genuine Friends

To increase your prosperity, talk about your abundance. Words are important. Everything you say and mean has the potential to create the reality you experience.

The universe responds to your positive talk. Even if you do not have something you want in your life right now, if you begin to talk and act as if you are certain you will have it, you will draw to you the circumstances to have it.

Speak of what is good in your life right now, and how positive you feel about the future.

Speak to others of your confidence and trust in yourself, without emphasizing your lack. Your friends carry an image of you, and when you think of yourself you pick up their pictures.

If you speak to others of your prosperity, they will think of you as prosperous; they will carry positive mental pictures of you.

Your authentic friends and those, who love you, will be really, really happy for you. They will be admiring you! You might feel that they support or ‘talk’ to you with good words, and congratulate you. You might even feel some warm and nice friendly human energy, coming in waves to your body…

Those who pretend to be your friends will switch their attention to other issues and people. They do not need your success or your prosperity. In some cases, people feel somehow, that they are being criticized or there appears unpleasant sensation about this and that person, that you consider your friend.

Talk to those you love or care; share your happiness, desires or sorrow. You will be supported, answered. The loving you universe conducts and only positive feelings

Malicious, nasty or ‘fake friendship’ feelings or attitudes come through unhappy human ways. They have nothing in common with wonderful universe.

Tomorrow I will give you a reliable method to find out who is who in your environment.

Have a nice day!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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