Saturday, February 8, 2014

Master-Class: Modern Pillows with Secret Love Dreams

Continued from “Bedroom: Paradise with Your Own Hands”

Today we shall create ‘love pillows’ – sort of decorative cushions, which some people also use in their love games. 

You know how to use them…

The idea to make ‘love pillows’ gives rise to your imagination, pleasure seeking expectations and fresh creative ideas.

The principle of elegance is very simple:

For multicoloured bedcovers you make single-colored fabric pillows.

you make single-colored fabric pillows.

For single-colored bedcovers (and furniture) - 

multicolored pillows go quite well.

In our case for fresh green bedroom,

we can use fabric remained from drapes.

I. We cut two equal squares

II.  Sew 3 sides, using sewing machine.

Threads must be darker than fabric.

If you have no sewing machine, you can make double stitches with usual needle, by hand.

III. After each operation, press the stitches.

IV. Then we turn the cover out and fill it with special filler for pillows.

This is where magic begins!

While putting the filler into pillows,
you load them with your craziest ideas and dreams
of how you will be loved…

It works!!!

Note: When you buy pillows, you never know what kind of people was making them, with what thoughts and wishes.

V. We fold edges inward 

and fix them with head pins.

The best way to keep pins together is to use magnet

VI. We sew edges using zigzag mode.

This is what we get as edge.

Pillows are ready!

Enjoy your love dreams coming true

…every night… 

or morning…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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