Monday, February 24, 2014

Courage and Failures

Are you courageous in this meaning? If positive, then you are talented and creative!

Failures are ‘wrong’ directions and destinations… Did you know that?

If you had failed at some project or ideas or dreams implementation, then you took somebody else’s concept for achievement. It was not yours!!!

Find out what you love to do and turn it into the project.

“What you love to do” is what makes you really happy, irrelevant to what other people think!

To escape failures and disappointments people plan their lives and activities beforehand.

Very often these predictable activities and events cause boredom, i.e. a well-organized monotony and dullness. When you meet and experience nothing new (for the fear of disappointment), you get stuck to habits, predictable relationships and environment.

This is how addictions and dependences are formed and maintained.

Are you interesting to new and brilliant people?

P.S. Failures cause strong negative emotions, if you have not powerful positive ones, love adventures including.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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