Saturday, September 20, 2014

Art Therapy: Human Warmth, Soul & Genuine Love

Many people feel cold, unloved, misunderstood and under appreciated in their everyday life. Their relationships are deprived of that human warmth and genuine friendliness, they are seeking in social environments…

When a person is not genuinely loved, they become self-concerned and love themselves only. Their relationships with other people are based on the principle described by the English proverb: “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Of course, this sort of relationships may bring forward joy of public acceptance and feeling of satisfaction of your good deeds. But it doesn’t last long. This enjoyment is purely mental. It was not from your soul!

Girls and women, who come to my consultations often claim: “How shall I make him (husband, boyfriend) love me?” This situation is common. When we find out the structure of their personality and attitudes to other people, it becomes clear: these women constantly demand “GIVE ME!” from their families, lovers and friends.

When I ask, what they give to other people, women feel startled. Really, they give nothing human to the outer world and space. They have no soul let alone genuine love, warmth and kindness… These qualities do not exist in them. So, their lovers or husbands give them what they have: money, sex and very little attention.

You may wonder, where is yours or other people’s soul, embracing authentic care, love, kindness and warmth. It is undeveloped, sleeping or destroyed in the course of life.

There are some nice methods to make wonderful human qualities appear. Our souls make keep alive, as any human soul – anima (ancient Greek word) -  is what makes us loving, sparkling with delight, happiness…

To fix the results after the warm soul is found,

together we create talismans,

sort of multicolored reminders for a person to stay human

to cherish beautiful human qualities

We create all talismans out of polymer clay.

Some women prefer their talisman in the form of jewelry

While creating them together, we fuse their desires and best qualities into these artworks.

This Art-Soul therapy brings incredible results!

I am planning 2-3 master-classes in Spain, Italy and France in December 11-19,  2014.

The name of these classes: “NLP: Art, Fun & Pleasure”, first for my colleagues

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