Monday, September 15, 2014

Bikes, Challenges, Risk & Happiness

When you master dangerous things, you meet challenges. When you make visible and sensible progress, you feel happy!

When you are learning and practicing something you love, risky and challenging, you are in process and you never notice your states.

When you become the master of something, you enjoy your skills (driving, riding, skiing, piloting, creating, etc).

Did you ever dance while skiing … or while driving your car… or something extraordinary? I did and you?

Why? Because you became a master and you need fantastic experience. That is why. You do these things not to show anybody. You do it for pleasure… And, you can not live without it.

Because wings appear behind you… Something mysterious guides you… And you understand the full meaning of the proverb: “Fortune favors the brave”.

If you put your sticky ass to the comfortable sofa in front of TV for many hours, you become a slave of persuasive industry. It commands your life, preferences and dictates you what to do next.

And you become an eating and drinking animal,
watching how other people live their fabulous lives.

There is always a question: “Why do people seek for risks?” Really, why?
Looking forward for risky experience and enjoying it, you open new opportunities in the outer world and fresh resources in your body.

The more types of physically dangerous experience you have the more interesting and desirable you are (physically & sexually).

While you are mastering something, there are points, when you feel helplessness, lack of capabilities and resources. It makes you crazy, or stubborn or even furious. Some people quit, some go forward.

Why do people part with their dreams to master something they were looking for. It is not the money. It’s disappointment about the lack of fast and expected  results.

This is what I was thinking about after my first day in Bike Academy. I described this experience in the article “I am a student of bike academy”

Being an adventurer, researcher and psychologist, I was looking for an answer to the question: “Where and how to find physical resources to master new types of physical experience?”

In case of bikes, you have to master the skill of smooth succession of operations. Motorbikes are like us, women: delicate and reliable, when you learn how to handle.

In short, I developed the method and program “Unlimited Physical Resources”. It is applicable to each type of sport and training for risky activities. It opens not only the spontaneous access resources, but also the most important aspects of learning: operative and short-term memory for physical mastership. Probably, I will show you some of its parts in articles.

My second training session in Bike Academy was a considerable success.

My body even wanted speedy riding,
as it became one impulse with this terrific bike
This is happiness…

Life with challenges is great!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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