Friday, September 5, 2014

Subconscious Mind & Intuition vs. Ego

 Crazy Ego

“Your intuition doesn’t use words, the language of intuition comes in feelings and subtle energy; learn this powerful language and you open yourself to receive what is truly perfect for you!”
– Kristen Howe

“Inside of you there is your subconscious mind and it is truly the magical part of you. However, it is only magical because we don’t understand fully how it works. When we understand a little about it then we can tap into it and use its powers on demand and simply ‘become smarter.’

The way to imagine it is that there are two of you. There’s you as you are now, full of life’s stuff and experiences. And then there’s the other you, one who stopped growing about the time you learnt to walk. This other you is very simple and very real.

One way to describe this other you is like a higher thinking autistic person. Most of us will have seen the film Rainman so we should be able to understand. Rainman didn’t fit into our world, he was out of place, but boy was he good with figures!

Well your subconscious self wouldn’t fit in either but your subconscious self has access to higher intelligence in ANY field you choose to go into. And you can learn to tap into this limitless intelligence.

You have spoken to your subconscious countless times in the past. As you grow older and you get further away from where you were as a child then you’ll speak to him or her less often. But you don’t use a language as we know it. Your subconscious self doesn’t really get all of our language, it does understand the feelings though which are created and the states of mind we are in when we speak.

Your subconscious mind talks to you in feelings. We refer to our subconscious mind power in more everyday terms though and call it things like our intuition or an idea popping into our minds. This is your subconscious mind speaking to you. As you grow older your subconscious mind’s voice is more and more drowned out by your ego’s, so of course it takes more effort to listen to the voice than it did when you were a child.

This of course is the principle reason people do not succeed in life, they have lost touch with their subconscious mind, which is of course, their inner guidance system and the most powerful tool they have access too. It is therefore little wonder that so few people succeed in life.

You see, your feelings will not lie to you but your mind will. However, we are educated to distrust our feelings and believe our minds. But our real mind power comes in the form of feelings, not as one of the voices in your mind.

Our minds speak in our language and they say the things we like to hear. But our intuition whispers to us with feelings which our mind seeks to tell us are irrational and should be ignored.

This is a big subject but the nutshell is, our minds are predominantly dominated by our egos and our ego’s primary job is to keep us safe. However, our ego is only made up from our past experiences, so it can only work out what to do going forward based on those.

We wish to move forward in life but this scares our egos as they are scared of what we/they do not know. So our egos are scared by what our subconscious mind is sharing with us and it goes out of its way to convince us to ignore these feelings. Society agrees with it and does its best to convince us not to trust our feelings as well." 

From “Tap the Magical Power of Your Subconscious – On Demand!” By Andy Shaw

The article opens eyes, right?
Natalia Levis-Fox

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