Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Make Cute Mustard at Home

Mustard is a very useful product. It is both healing and reinforcing your dishes taste.  You can buy it in the form of powder in every supermarket. Go and buy it!


Essential oil, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, linolenic, oleic, linoleic, peanut acid

Vitamins: A, B, D, E

Glycosides:  sinalbin and snigrin in the mustard, help in the treatment of coughs and bronchitis.

How mustard heals colds and flu:

You put some mustard powder into handmade

woolen socks for the night or several hours.

When you or your child has cough, you can make a bath for your feet

adding some mustard into hot water.

Sit as much as you can (until bored)

Mustard, dissolved in the hot water, will also restore blood circulation in both feet, legs and the whole body.

Mustard enforces sexual potency when you regularly use it with bread, fish and meat.

It adds a very delicate taste to food. When you coat pieces of meat or fish with mustard (and mayonnaise) before frying, your products will not loose their natural juices. Technology is described in details in my article with pictures 

"Tasty Food: Juicy Meat for 35 Minutes"

Let’s make mustard with your own hands in ecological way.

1. Pour some boiling water into a small glass jar with lid.

2. Add mustard powder. Keep in mind, that the ready product enlarges its volume, when it is ready in 20-24 hours

3. Add a teaspoon of sugar

4. Add a teaspoon of salt

5. Add a teaspoon of 60-90% vinegar

Always use beautiful and expensive kitchen objects for cooking!

6. Pour boiling water

7. Stir the ingredients. You can add some hot water after each mixing process, until you are satisfied with the consistency: more soupy or dense.

When adding ingredients and stirring, think of the members of your family (friends and all people living on earth) in healthy, happy, strong and satisfied images, wishing them the best.

If you live alone, wish yourself whatever you need and desire while cooking.

For example, how you are met at home after work with sincere joy, love and tasty dinner

Mustard is a very strong natural product. It will enforce everything you wish!

Tasty life is for all of us!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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