Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tasty Food: Juicy Meat for 35 Minutes

Yesterday evening I celebrated my first experience in Biking Academy.

Article “I Am a Student of Bike Academy

So, I prepared one of my favorite dishes:

juicy pork with apples under mayonnaise and mustard

You can also easily cook it for 35 minutes.

1. Heat your oven (180-200°C) first

2. Cut pork to small pieces and salt them

3. Pour mayonnaise into a cup. Add  2-3 tablespoons of cute mustard, chilly and sweet pepper. Stir the ingredients into a lovely pink mixture

4. Pour oil into the cooking pan for ovens, covering the bottom and put pieces of pork

5. Cut 1-2 green apples to pieces

I took the apple from my garden, right from the apple tree

6. Put the pieces of apple on the meat. They will melt in oven and give fantastic tender taste to meat.

7. Pour mayonnaise mixture onto

8. Put the pan into the oven for 25-30 min

9. Enjoy your juicy delicacy. You and your guests will want to dip bread into a tasty sauce and there will be no droplets left in your pan

Tomorrow I will show you how to make cute mustard, tell about its beautiful properties and ways of use it, both in cooking and healing.

Life is tasty!
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