Friday, September 5, 2014

Travelling: Black Sea, Paradise with Friends (Part II)

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I have a risky character of a racer, traveler and explorer. So lying under the burning sun for hours like a roasting chicken is not good for me. Two hours are enough.

The third day of staying with my friends in a cozy resort of Arhipo-Osypovka I devoted to extreme in quadrocyles.

We made a 10 km trip along riverbeds

and roads in the mountains along the forests

I have already some experience in riding quadrocycles - ATV

But here it was too risky to ride it alone on the stones and potholes. You must have very strong arms and body!

That is why the instructor was given to pilot the machine in most extreme parts of the rout. I would call this experience exciting with sort of erotic sensations for a woman…sitting tight…

On the last day on the resort, there appeared cirrus clouds

looking like wings,
and it was clear it is time to experience extreme driving

The roads along the Caucasian coast of the Black sea are in perfect condition.

They consist of endless cute curves of the up and down hills going road. I went to Novorossiysk, 90 km from our place. This road is a paradise for bikers and drivers. Extreme is satisfying!

View to Novorossiysk

The water is absolutely transparent

I made pictures from the Memorial

to sailors

and warships - heroes of the Second World War.

I am very patriotic

On the way back to the hotel, I visited dolmens – ancient sanctuaries – built 5500 years ago(!)

Map of local dolmens (numbers are for each of them)

Each dolmen has its own name:





waterfall from the river of Tenderness

Google loved this picture and offered their own version of it

Dolmens are favorite objects for those who practice esotericism. They are built at special places of power. If you stay for some time near each of the dolmen, you will feel great, loved and renewed.

Caucasus is overfilled with purest energy of power, health, purification, love and best human feelings.

In several days Smashwords Inc will release my new book

based on an ancient manuscript and story I was told by the head of family clan in Kabarda.

How did you spend your vacations?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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