Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Am a Student of Bike Academy

Yesterday was a great day in my life. I started learning to ride bikes in Bike Academy on regular basis. I have a personal trainer. As usual, I met an outstanding person: a well-educated man, speaking 3 languages (French, English and Russian), racer, programmer, journalist and commentator (“Moto” journal).

Here is their elegant website

The owner of 6 bikes and big experience, Anton was very patient with me. His instructions were easy and accurate.

The laughter on my face is about happiness and funny colors of two jackets: one protective (black and white against falling) and green on top – apparently for not being lost. But these are the rules.

This Yamaha bike of Japanese origin is rather good to me. Anton did the testing first about my suitability for this sport.

He put the bike on its side on the ground and told me to pick it up (100 kg)  in a vertical position. I did it!

I will master riding!!!!!!!!!!

One of my friends promised to buy any bike I will choose, but only after full training and passing A-qualification exams with police.

No need to say, that nobody in my environment approves this new hobby of mine. The number of my patients with problems like phobias, love-partners-seekers, PTSD, etc doubled during the period of finding the right trainer. So, I will be able to pay the whole training.

This is how dreams work for you:

1. You decide consciously to master smth you love (bikes in my case). I described my first fantastic experience in the article

Italy: Wings of Love"

2. You live with it   and  do everything this dream come true (in my case I bought license for consulting people, decorated my office for our mutual comfort)

“Art Ideas for Office”

Art: Bright Designer’s Vase

3. Wonderful people and opportunities appear suddenly (Bike Academy in my case)

4. You live in your dream and do what you love, enjoying every little success and progress – a small step further each day.

At the end of this big day with biking, I prepared a very tasty dish to celebrate.

To be continued

Life is good!
I am so grateful to you. So many people are reading my articles from 48 countries. It means a big support!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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