Monday, March 3, 2014

Caucasus, Georgia: Holy Mtskheta

Yesterday we visited Jvary with you. It is ancient monastery of Cross, standing on top of hill.

This is how it looks in summer.

Mtskheta is an ancient capital of Georgia.

At the period of IV century when Christianity was accepted, Georgia had the name of Iveria.

Mtskheta is spiritual heart of Georgia.

Listen to 3 beautiful chorals by Georian Monks

Around the cathedral there is a tourist complex: nice and ‘very Georgian’.

Walking around it, you feel clean from within.

This is how holy places manifest themselves, even if you are not religious, like me

Typical Georgian houses

There is a cult of wine in Georgia since ancient times

Homemade wine is kept deep inside the ground in huge jugs called ‘qweri’

Wine shop in Mtzheta

Some of the wine bottles are examples of 

ceramic art.

It is a real pleasure to travel with friends belonging to holy places

To morrow we shall make art shopping in Tbilisi, Georgian capital

Natalia Levis-Fox

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