Sunday, March 2, 2014

Caucasus, Georgia: Jvary Monastery

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In December-January I travelled in Georgia, South Caucasus. It was my first winter visit to this beautiful country.

Caucasian mountains in Georgia below bright blue skies

The air of Georgia is crystal, absolute healthy and charming.

No wonder, Georgian people are hearted, charming and full of sense of humor.

Ceramic plate “Spirit of Tbilisi”, the capital of Georgia (my property)

The Georgian Orthodox Jvari Monastery (Monastery of the Cross) at Mtskheta.

You can enjoy Georgian spiritual singing by monks at 

It was built in an early tetraconch style (a four-apsed domed structure) on the VII century.

St. Nino icon in Jvary

Below the monastery you see how two Georgian emerald-green rivers Aragva and Cura are jointing in one flow.

Far at the distance, there is an ancient Georgian capital – Mtskheta.

We shall see it tomorrow,

Natalia Levis-Fox

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