Thursday, March 6, 2014

Caucasus, Georgia, Tbilisi and Amazing Singing

Continued from “Caucasus, Georgia, Tbilisi: Art Market”

Today we shall walk in the center of Tbilisi, evening time, and several hours before Christmas celebration.

Turkish baths, underneath the ground, 

are using hot mineral springs

Taxi cab drivers are playing domino

People of different nationalities live there in friendship, respect to traditions and religious confessions. No one is fighting. No extremism.

On the small area, you can enter synagogue

And 30 meters from it, there are two Armenian basilicas

This is Sameba - Holy Trinity – central Tbilisian Cathedral.

Unfortunately, my camera got frozen and no pictures of celebrations had been taken. Who knows? May be it was for better… From the cathedral the most beautiful spiritual Georgian singing was coming.

You can enjoy 3 of the songs: ‘Thou Art A True Vine’, ‘The Grace of the Holy Spirit’ and ‘O Holy God’. Georgian multi-voiced singing has no analogies in the world. In it, Men’s spirit becomes one with the Divine…

You can listen to them from my Levis-Fox Art Gallery website.

This is our Christmas table.

Most of the dishes are situated nearby, as the table is too small for them all.

This is ‘Hinkali’ – with very juicy and spicy meat within.
How many would you eat and feel pleasantly satisfied?

This is baker’s shop, 

where bread (lavash) is done according to ancient tradition.

Eat and live with grace…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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