Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Use Affirmations to Create Lovely Personality

“Affirmation means saying ‘yes’ to yourself and to the life you lead, and to accepting your own unique personhood …. Affirmation means that you embrace the life that is yours and flows through you.

Your affirmation of yourself is one of your greatest strengths. You can at times quite properly deny certain portions of experience, while still confirming your own vitality. You do not have to say “yes” to people, issues, or to events with which you are deeply disturbed.
Affirmation does not mean a bland wishy-washy acceptance of anything that comes your way, regardless of your feelings about it. Biologically, affirmation means health. You go along with life, understanding that you form your experience, emphasizing your ability to do so. Affirmation does not mean sitting back and saying, “I can do nothing. It is all in Fate’s hands, therefore whatever happens, happens.”….[Affirmation] is the acceptance of your individuality in flesh. Basically it is a spiritual, psychic and biological necessity, and represents your appreciation of your singular integrity.”

Affirmations are very powerful processes. Now if you are saying those affirmations and you are paying full attention to them, then you are in your higher state.

But if you are just saying them and they have no feeling to you, no meaning to you, then in one sense it is like they are going right through you.

It is like saying to your child, “Yes, yes, yes,” and you have not really heard them. It is the same with an affirmation. Say it and feel it.

Picture it and know it.

The more real you make it, the more it will happen.

You have to experience as well, you have to feel it inside.


For instance,

1. You want to be a lovely personality.

And you know somebody who is a lovely personality.

And you want to become that type of person.

2. You start observing this person and notice how they speak to others, their intonation, choice of words, etc.  You also become aware of how other people behave and feel in their presence. 

You also notice that ‘lovely personality’ is their natural state. They apply no efforts to be that way.

They never force themselves to smile at people.

They never give you fake smiles…

They are genuinely friendly and people like them.

3. You decide to become that type of person and choose the affirmation to practice:

“I Am The Lovely Personality!”

4. You define what lovely personality  as the concept, using pen and paper.

5. You write down what it means to you, personally. Write as many ideas, as you like.

6. You check how it feels to you to be a lovely personality. If this feeling is great, pleasant, you will become this person. Your body will generate neuro substances of ‘lovely personality’: sweetness, friendliness, gentleness, natural charm, charisma, etc

It Is Your Feelings As Well That Create Your Reality.

7. Uttering affirmation “I Am The Lovely Personality!” with personal meaning and pleasure, i.e. the more you can feel it, the more rapidly you will create it.

If you are just saying this or other affirmations because you have to with no sense of them as a truth, then you might say it is not wasted, it is not bad, it is just simply that you are not getting the maximum results from it. But affirmations are a very powerful way to change your reality.” 

Natalia Levis-Fox

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