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Smashwords Inc: Interview with Natalia Levis-Fox

Q:  What do your fans mean to you?

A:  My readers are like best friends to me. They are like soul-mates, as we are interested in the same topics touched in my books: freedom, love, beauty, success, intelligence. When we read books we discuss common views with the author, accepting or rejecting ideas. This is how friends communicate: learning something new, experiencing joy and wellness in each other’s presence.

Q:  What are you working on next?

A:  I am working on several projects simultaneously, on topics important both for me and my readers. They are: “Pain? Gone!” (how to heal pain forever, based on scientific research); “Astrological Psychology” (everyday horoscopes with fast and effective methods of coping with problems and gaining success); “You Amazing Future” (how to create the best future and get what you want) and “Health by Neurogenesis (how scientific knowledge about nerve cells birth improves your health without medical interference).

Q:  Who are your favorite authors?

A:  I love James Aldridge, Arthur Hailey, Harold Robbins, Richard Bolstad

Q:  What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

A:  Pleasure of the day and its activities: bathing in my swimming pool with icy cold water, coffee, beautiful nature and my garden, novelties, my projects, scientific articles, dreaming, creating my artworks, walks with dog, cooking tasty food…I live in Miracles, every moment of them.

Q:  When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?

A:  Plenty of things: house work, growing flowers, sewing, walking, going to the mountains, skiing in winter, decorating house, reading, thinking and dream about my beloved, mastering moto biking and helicopters, dancing, singing, - enjoying life. From time to time I am invited to work with ‘difficult’ patients in an expensive private clinic. This work takes all my time and supplies with ideas how to help people. It helps to create multimedia on-line methods, so that people can practice success and fast results at home.

Q:  How do you discover the ebooks you read?

A:  In e-libraries, publishers portals, Smashwords including.

Q:  Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

A:  Yes! I fell into jealousy and started to make an extended scientific research on this problem. When I understood the mechanisms underneath this horrible feeling, I developed method “The Love Formula”. I practice it for 3 days, got satisfying results, wrote the ebook “Secret of Healing Jealousy” and Smashwords Inc published it.

Q:  What is your writing process?

A:  I face the problem, make a scientific research on topic, neurobiology including, discover mechanisms of problems maintenance, develop methods for fast solution, create illustrations and write a book. This process is an incomparable pleasure, excitement, search and satisfying good results. After the book is published, I forget about it and do other interesting things. Some time after when I read my own books, ex, to extract methods or citations, I am often surprised and wonder if it is really me who had written the book.

Q:  Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

A:  Yes! It was a very rare edition of all Shakespeare’s plays written in Middle-ages English. The university library gave it to me only for 2 days, trusting my word. You won’t believe, but I understood every line in it. The impact was terrific: it became clear that there is nothing impossible for me!

Q:  How do you approach cover design?

A:  Cover design is the first thing I do, when the new book’s concept is formed. The picture in the center expresses the general idea of the future book. I change colors, composition of letters with picture dozens of times. The process is very exciting. When I am satisfied, I start writing the book itself, admiring the cover often.

Q:  What are your five favorite books, and why?

A:  As a matter of fact I’ve got many favorite books. I would better tell about authors. Arthur Hailey, for instance, opened different worlds and professions to me. When I am bored with Science or Psychology, I go and work as a taxi cab driver or as interpreter for international oil companies. It is fun, changes and adventures. I can not live without them!

Q:  Describe your desk

A:  Oh, my desk is a well-organized mess. As a kinesthetic person – loving actions and pleasure – I prefer to have things close at hand. On my desk you will see a vase with fresh flowers, plenty of papers with ideas, candles in a beautiful crystal box, pens, chocolates, cup of coffee, pens, money, telephones, and cigarettes.

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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