Saturday, March 29, 2014

Your Success: Intellectual Entertainment

Tell me what are you thinking about at leisure time?

Your success?

Your victories?

Your discoveries?

Your failures?

Dream physically about something or somebody pleasant?
Quarrel with somebody you dislike?
Express your disgust or dissatisfaction of current low quality relationships?
You blame somebody for that?

Answer these questions and count time you spend on it.

Do you like your results?

Have you ever thought about your strengths as entertainment and fun?

Here are three questions to do it.


What are your strengths? 


Stop worrying about being ego based and self-involved and answer honestly...

What are your strengths?

List them out - write them down - type them into your computer...

Whatever you need to do so that you can look at your strengths list at any time.  

NOW - here's the next question...


How much of your time are you spending doing things that involve 1 or more of your strengths?

Successful people 
spend 80% of their time using their strengths.

Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you have been taught to leave your strengths along and instead focus on FIXING your weaknesses...

YOU are special because of your strengths so pay attention to them - use them - that's what you are here for!

And the last question...


How can you spend MORE time EVERY DAY, doing things that involve 1 or more of your strengths?

Even if you only spend 10 minutes more each day doing something that involves 1 or more of your strengths, your life is going to start to change!

Answer these questions today - right now - and decide to give 80% of your focus to expressing and living your strengths and your life will shift and transform in VERY exciting ways!

The Three Questions came from Kristen Howe

Flying to success?

 – Me too!

I practice all the methods and concepts I share with you.
Today I was informed about the amount of copies of my books sold.  The figure is so very impressive!

My books are popular at Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble portals.
Your attention to my articles in this blog shows your preferences and interests. Most of the articles become pages of my books.

When I started this blog, there were only several readers each day. For the last period the number or readers from 42 countries constitute over 3000 per month.
What does it mean?

It means both my personal success and considerable input into humanity wellness.

I just share reports about my travelling, art success, humor, knowledge, concepts and methods with you. You read and your picture of the world is enriching, like mine, even though you never leave comments.

So life is worth living…

What do you think?
I want to thank you!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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