Saturday, August 17, 2013

Your Intelligence: Systematic Approach and Thinking (Part IV)

Continued from Parts     1      2    3   

Today we shall learn with you how to use ‘General Systems Theory Model’ to get what we want or need on the systematic level.

Systematic level means, that you:

  1. know what you want or need as the desired outcome
  2. have or see the situation as a whole made/consisting of details you can easily notice
  3. analyze as intermediate results (feedback)
  4. correct/enrich your vision as the desired outcome

Firstly, we shall deal with the left part of diagram. It contains what you want, only YOU, and nobody else!

Draw 3 circles on a big sheet of paper, or you can join & fix several pieces (A4 format)


When you:

Want /plan to open new business

Plan a serious operation

Want to win a competition,

you record all the fresh ideas that occur to you by hand (not in your computer).

It will be written in the left circle of the diagram as ‘INPUT’ as a wish


In the right circle ‘OUTPUT’ you record your desired outcomes, results you want to get.

Dream about your project in its ideal completion/realization. 

At this area you have what you want:

Your business functions ideally. …

You are the boss… People love to work with you…

People are pleased with your products or services…
…Suppliers work faultlessly…
…Your bank account is constantly fulfilling… etc, etc, etc…

Your soul mate appeared.
…Love has found and united you…

…You live together in a beautiful house…
…Your kids are like angels…

All criminals and terrorists are in jail.

Bombs are discovered and destroyed…

You win all the competitions, prizes and popularity… You are famous…

To this right circle you will add and add events, facts that will please you…

Very important note!

My consulting experience says, that some beginners in planning their desired outcomes, especially business, often make  the same mistakes.

They try to insert past failures and rush for investors into their dreams projects  to attract money.

… or passionately defend their projects in front of skeptical groups

It is a big, big mistake. By doing this they start the process of failure in the ideal outcomes. No wonder their plans and projects fail.

In this case, it is strongly recommended to add eager investors,
bringing money to your business, with pleasure!

In your ideal OUTPUTS, you are already a winner, not a begger… 
Your Project is approved...

Next time we shall speak about fantastic processes and feedback to supply you with everything you need.

Dream big!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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