Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Intelligence: Systematic Approach and Thinking (Part V)

Continued from Part      4   

Today we shall speak about “process” of your dreams implementation.
General Systems Theory describes both known and unknown systems functioning. It also predicts mode operation of technical systems. With well-known and tested machines and mechanisms, the situation is relatively predictable, right?

Let us take cars. We learn how to drive them together with street traffic rules. Then we put fuel into auto and go! Driving a car is a process. 

Anyway, you never know when the car gets broken, though signals appear.  It is not necessary to know how cars are organized from within.

 Nevertheless, there are experts to fix your car problems (process leading to desired results).

You also never know how other drivers would behave on the road (process).

The blonds behind the wheel 

talking over telephones are often considered as disaster.

There is common knowledge that the blonds have special organization in brain.

These sorts of predictions (expected feedback during process of movement) allow man-drivers be careful on the roads (flexible behavior as to avoid accidents and have fun) in the presence of blonds-drivers on their way (process).

How about processes in getting what you want?  

When you start a new business, plan operations, attract lovely relationships or dream about prizes, you practically open new and blank pages of your life, by dreaming about your desired results (how it all ought to be in the ideal).

You have already created your dream mental card, right?

Who or what is going to deliver miracles to its realization?

There are other very important questions.

  1. Do you know the origin of miracles?
  2. Where do miracles come from?
  3. Do you have knowledge or concepts about it?

Of course, you have knowledge, experience and expectations of success. But it is not enough!

Create your concept of miracles and we shall go on.
Natalia levis-Fox

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