Friday, August 30, 2013

Difference Between Intention And Prayer

Continued from “Believing  and Spirituality

“Although you can use intention to manifest what you want, there is no need to intend all the time in everything. Intention is thought-power and it uses energy.

Conserve your intention-power so that you can focus on using it on the most important things. Whatever you set an intention on, you would also want it to happen, because when it doesn’t, it would cause doubt in your intention power.

Intention needs constant focus and mental energy for it to manifest. It is tiring to intend in every little matter. Sometimes it is better to just relax and not care about the smaller things. Concentrate intention power on the main goals in your life and set general intention on all else.   

The same thing can be applied to prayer as well. Although you can pray for everything little thing in life, you might want to concentrate your prayer power on your main goals in life.

Prayer uses spiritual energy (i.e. comfort), and that a portion of that energy is converted from your mental and physical energy.

It is wise to conserve and concentrate energy for most effective and efficient use. You would also want your prayers to be answered because each unanswered prayer would create doubt about God (Universe, Divine, Abstract, Spirit, Miracles what ever you choose).

You have to keep asking in order to receive, therefore focus your prayer power on your main goals in life that you would be motivated to keep asking, and relax about all else.”

Intending is making use of the power of the universe by thinking or saying “I intend” or “I create my reality”. Although you can use intention all the time to cause things to happen supernaturally, it leaves out a relationship with God.

When you pray, you think or speak in terms of “Oh God…” and “I ask”. It is up to you to decide when it is more appropriate to intend, and when it is more appropriate to pray depending on the situation you are in and the thing you desire to experience or manifest.

God (i.e. good in all its meanings) is a Yin-Yang or combination of feminine and masculine aspects. When you intend, you are using the power of the Universe, which is the feminine cosmic aspect of God, that is created by the masculine aspect of God as Father and Son (in terms of Christianity).

This is not to say that there is both a Father God and a Mother God. There is only One God who is expressed personally in the Father/Son aspect, and who creates in the neutral, feminine, cosmic aspect of the Universe. Just as God is Yin-Yang, there are also two ways of reality creating which are intention and prayer. Everything is dual.”

After  Enoch Tan’s   materials  

P.S. When you think about abstract concepts (ex. spirituality, origin of miracles  and intelligence ) as well as their benefits to you, there appears the feeling of comfort, peace, soothe and other pleasant states.

With love and respect to you and your wellness,

Natalia levis-Fox

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