Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miracles by Intelligence

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Today is a beautiful day.

Smashwords Inc. released my new ebook today:

ISBN: 9781301843466

Available to all reading formats and modern reading devices, telephones including.

it was inspired by your interest to the topic of intelligence. People from 23 countries read and re-read the articles under the title “Your Intelligence: Systematic Approach and Thinking.” Most discussed topics from my blog came into the book as chapters. I added three more chapters to the book (9 -11).

Table of Contents

  1. How to Enrich Your intelligence
  2. General Systems Theory
  3. Pride and Intelligence
  4. Intellectual Actions and Research
  5. Brain: Strategies of Success and Failure
  6. INPUT
  8. OUTPUT: Common Mistakes
  9. Systems: PROCESS
  10. The Origin of Miracles
  11. Intelligence and Lovely Relationships

This is the short description

"Is it possible to create miracles in your business, lovely relationship, attract finance to your projects and other areas of your life? Yes! You have power to do that, when you know how. You can do it using General Systems Theory Model, simultaneously enriching your intelligence and attracting miracles. Is it good to you?

You learn the greatest secret of our marvelous universe about the origin of miracles and use this knowledge to have desired results you have never dreamed.  Step-by-step, you acquire new intelligent skills in creating what you want. Colorful diagrams assist you in organizing your super intelligence, mind and consciousness to amazing outcomes. Actually, you create miracles by your intelligence."

With the permission of my Publisher, I will describe “Intelligence and Lovely Relationships” chapter in one of the next articles in this blog.

Usually, I write and illustrate books for myself, i.e. to solve my own challenges. I make an extended scientific research to understand principles lying underneath. Later on materials are turned into books.

Also, as a vivid example of success, I would like to boast a little bit and share joy with you. 2 days ago, I received an International Catalogue of outstanding world artists “Leonardo 2013” from Spain.

One of the pages is devoted to my artworks and me.

Dream big and welcome miracles into your deeds!  
Natalia Levis-Fox

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