Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Your Intelligence: Systematic Approach and Thinking (Part II)

Continued from Part I

You may ask a very logical question:”Why should I bother with intelligence and concepts, if I am a good and valued specialist?”

Proud of their professional and social achievements, which they put forward or in the center of everyday life, these people often stop noticing needs of their family members. They require worship and respect! They attention is directed towards themselves.

No need to say, that it destroys lovely and satisfying relationships.

Animal-cop is enjoying his power proudly

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with the feeling of pride, no matter what religions dictate us.

Pride supplies us with constant flowing power & energy to the objects of our importance. In case of social and professional pride, power comes to the point of our decision to be proud of something (ex., status). In other words, pride enforces mentality of the period of your decision (let us say at the age of 30).

Suppose, you are 40 now and your pride still supports the mentality of a 30 years old personality, you used to be at that time. It means that you never grow up… Do you feel the difference?

Anyway, in those cultures and civilizations, where pride is cultivated physically (i.e., beautiful teeth, physical strength or sex power in males organs) pride not only preserves these qualities, but also multiplies them!

1. What I offer you is to explore the notion “pride” in different cultures, as well as the meaning of this word in different languages. Take a pen and several sheets of paper. When we write, our bodies are fully involved to advantage, Use different types of dictionaries, including etymological (the origin of word in comparison with others), defining dictionaries, etc. The more you find the better and richer will be your concept of “pride” notion.

2. Create the concept of “pride” in its diversity and convergence from different cultures.

3. Find out your own strategy of pride by asking:

“What areas of life are seized by my pride?” (Make a list)
”When was it formed?”  
“Was it my own desire or was my pride accepted under somebody’s influence?”
“How can pride serve me in this or that area?”

4. Create your own concept of “pride” taking  into  consideration cultural (general) concepts with your own understanding. Allow space for your own concept of “pride” enrichment. Since that time, you will be noticing people who practice their pride, unconsciously, in most cases.

Finally, before we meet next time, just answer the questions:

“Am I an interesting personality?”
“Do people find me interesting?”
“Who precisely finds me interesting and enjoys my company?” (Make a list of people).

The answers will surprise you!

To be continued… I will show you how to use General Systems Theory to create desirable results, OK?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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