Thursday, August 29, 2013

Believing and Spirituality

How will you answer the question:

”Does nature make it rain, or does "God"?

Well, maybe it just depends on your own interpretation. You either choose to use physical (natural) terms to explain the origin of rain, or might prefer to use “GOD.” The answer may be both.  Thinking in terms of both instead of either/or is the key to abundant life of wellness and intelligence.

The word “God” originates from notion “good”

Is “good” is good? Is “bad” bad? Is “bad” is good? Think of it. And, you will find out that “bad” can be really good. When you experienced “bad’, you will never go there! So, it is good.  

We live in the world of duality. When we oppose “good” to ‘bad”, we get conflict. Many people live in conflicts, fighting themselves and other people. Is it good?

People are divided into believers and unbelievers according to the answer to the question “Who/what created our universe, us and the world we live in?”
- Evolution or God (in the meaning of ‘good’)?  

In supporting satisfying answer to this question people willingly (knowingly) or unconsciously (urged by others) tend to join different groups of believers or unbelievers. This is how religious and non-religious groups grow.

All existing religions are systems comprised of very complex concepts. They govern minds of its followers, prescribing what to do, and what not.

Illiterate people, lacking intelligence on systematic level, make a lot of harm to younger generation by frightening them with “Judgment Day” and “watching God, registering your sins to punish”. It is not easy to live with this: scaring and waiting for reward for you “good” deeds and “right” thoughts at the same time.

The aim of this article is NOT to criticize religions or humiliate believers.

On the contrary, it is about our conscious choice to use our  intelligence  on  the systematic  level,  find and select some agreeable concepts to live a satisfying life.

We live in a marvelous, abstract universe, filled with unlimited possibilities of miracles. Isn’t it a great challenge?  

Believers live happily by “spirituality”. Do you know what “spirituality” means?

It is a fresh, unstoppable energy from the universe,
abstract (i.e. undifferentiated) by its nature,
abundant for your dreams, different thoughts, success, love and what not.

If you live by miracles, you are also inspired, healthy, satisfied and  feel loved.

Tomorrow we shall speak about magic intent and prayer.

Loving you,
Natalia Levis-Fox

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