Friday, August 23, 2013

Intelligence and Lovely Relationships

When you attract lovely relationships, there arises a big challenge. Unfortunately, love fades away gradually if you have not common interests and hobbies with your partner. There often appears the “Cinderella Syndrome”. 

What will Prince talk about with his wife, 

who was a cleaning lady-servant for many years?

What if you are not colleagues? What are you going to discuss? What if your spouse likes to travel and you do not? 

Have you answered the questions about your personality at chapter “Intellectual actions and research”? Open your list.

“Are you an interesting personality?”
“Do people find you interesting?”
“What kind of people/who precisely finds you interesting?”
“Who enjoys your company?” 

Let us add some more information about you. Ask the following questions:

“Is your intelligence rich in concepts and skills to use your abstract knowledge?”
“Do people feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence?”
“Will your partner/soul-mate feel nice in your company?”

If you are uncertain about the richness of concepts and your intelligence, start enlarging the sphere of your interests and competence. Use dictionaries to sharpen your mind and enhance your language to express your position and thoughts.

For this reason, a very useful question can help: “What kind of knowledge/human quality is missing in me?”

When you answer the question, you might get a list of things. Take one of them and place it in the left circle of diagram. For example, you want your partner feel comfortable in your presence and you had discovered that you are a not very nice person naturally. In other words, you play ”games to be noticed”.

Draw a diagram

Put notions “social comfort” and “nice, authentically friendly person” in the left circle. Do a research, the more opinions and definitions you find, the richer become your concepts. Write down the definitions as dictionaries do. For instance,

“Social comfort” is ________________________ .

When you are satisfied with results, put the desired outcome:

I am a nice & a friendly person. People feel comfortable in my presence,

in the right circle of the Systems diagram.

Miracles will supply you with this and other qualities!

Before we part, tell me about the origin of intelligence itself.

Do you have the answer?

Materials from "Miracles by Intelligence" ebook 

Natalia Levis-Fox

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