Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lovely Relationships: How to Recognize?

This is a very good question: “How to recognize lovely  relationships?”

When we dream about our ideal love-mate, we certainly mean several qualities that please us most of all. It’s usually appearance, personal traits and strengths, profession, education and intelligence, interests, skills, the desired behavior and of course, love-making-and-expression style.

Bearing in mind the desired image, people somehow fail to recognize lovely relationships. They sometimes miss it in chase for appearance and other preferred qualities.

Here is the answer to the question: “How to recognize lovely relationships?”

In the presence of your soul-mate or love-mate 
you feel incredibly comfortable!

  1. You feel what psychologists call “You are yourself”
  2. There is no need to play games or show yourself to advantage.
  3. There is some shyness or confusion
  4. You enjoy every moment of being together and sometimes forget details, words and information
  5. Your eyes scan that person lovingly, with admiration, caressing every detail of their appearance
  6. There is no criticism, just complete acceptation
  7. When you part, you miss them and looking forward to meet, talk and touch again…

Beautiful, Isn’t it?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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