Thursday, August 8, 2013

Humor: People and Animals

Biologically, we are very much like animals. Intellectually, we are people. Unlike animals, we have the apparatus for systematic thinking. We shall speak about this phenomenon tomorrow. Today we will smile at funny animations of animals, resembling people.

When people watch innocent caricatures and laugh at amusing pictures

Electroencephalograph registers revealing & discharging electric impulses through out human cortex.

It means that our cortex (Derks, et al., 1997)

…laughs and giggles with us, simultaneously!


People of this sign of Zodiac are friendly and patient

They adore excellent food

and comfort…

Do not be fooled with their endless patience!

If you try and force Taurus

You will get what you deserve!

Nevertheless, their kindness knows no borders and limits...

Laughter and even regular sincere smiles with pleasure enforce & boost our immune systems to advantage (Berk et al, 1991).  

Happiness rises you to heavens

From my animated project “People and Animals” (in full progress of creation)


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Live with pleasure
Natalia Levis-Fox

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