Friday, August 2, 2013

Lovely Relationships: Nice Food

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While you are attracting lovely relationships, you are already arranging your life to become your best.

When you love someone, you give your full attention, affection, real care to him or her.

Nice food prepared with love and tenderness creates unforgettable and intimate atmosphere between loving people.

Today we shall prepare homemade jam with you.

In a vase…

…bowel in the middle of the table,

it will emanate the subtlest fragrance of your tenderness.

Firstly, choose fruits for jam.

For centuries women make jam in special copper pans.

Like most of families, I keep this tradition,

using my Irish grand-grand-mother’s pan for jam

This  jam is made of sweet cherries

If you do not have the proper copper pan,

use something else you have at home.

It really doesn’t matter!

As we will saturate jam with love, kindness, friendliness, tenderness and other very intimate things we always associate with the beloved person…

How to make jam? – Very easy!

As an example, we can use apples from my garden

or green apples from the nearest market on your street.

1. For 1 kg of apples (chosen fruit by you) we will need 1 kg of sugar and 1 liter of water

2. Pour boiled water into pan and add sugar. Stir slowly, thinking very pleasant thoughts. Sugar must dissolve completely.

3. Cut apples to pieces and put them into pan. Let syrup take all apples

4. Cook slowly, with intervals (1-3 hours), until you are satisfied with results

5. At the end, add several leaves of mint or cherry-tree leaves, for piquant fragrance of your love

6. Pour jam into jars and enjoy love adventures!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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