Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Caucasus: Space, Horses and Biking in the Wild

Caucasus is a terrific place for not only living, climbing, skiing and enjoying mineral springs. It is an ideal place for riding horses and biking in the wild.

Unlike Europe, Caucasus has plenty roads among hills and wild fields.

Nobody will kill you for trespassing private territories. 

All the land belongs to state.

You can find healing herbs all over Caucasus.



wild apple-tree in blossom

Caucasian nature and climate is unique. 

It makes you healthy, especially when you travel and explore new places where eagles fly.

No wonder Caucasian racing horses are very good and expensive.

I have my favorite places.

30 km from home there is a beautiful area, 

where horses live and enjoy excellent herbs and grass in the wild.

For active rest amateurs people living and working there organized

…horseback rides…

…and cross-country quadricycling…

Life is great!

Natalia levis-Fox

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