Monday, August 25, 2014

Nice Sexy Method: How to Melt Anger

There are plenty of idiots among office workers, be they on governmental level or in small businesses. You know it!

Nevertheless, from time to time you feel anger or even helplessness in their presence. Do not ‘manage’ your anger to keep diplomatic or just a ‘nice person’ to everybody. It is not good for your body.

The reason they raise their voices, command or just annoy you is that you have not enough sex energy!!!!!!!!!!

When you are overfilled with sex energy, nobody dares to bark in your presence.
You open doors with a kick without bothering what they would think if you!

What can you do?
Go and buy strawberries. Choose only the best.

If you live economically, saving money, then there appears sex energy lack. Sad, but true.

Strawberries, as you know, are the symbol of erotic games and sex drive.

Ice each strawberry in a small cube and keep them in your office fridge.

When the situation comes, take one cube with a sexy berry… put it into your mouth…

Ice will melt your anger,

the sweet berry will make you dream… with pleasure…

about your delightful experience with cream love… 
… you know how…

No need to say, this method will make you sexually stronger and stronger.

Good luck!
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