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Smells, Love, Touch and Neurogenesis

We have already learned with you how to read people by their eyes movements, using NLP.  How to Read People (Part 2)


Today we shall discuss with you another very significant topic: the importance of smells in our life.

If somethings smells good or has no odor at all – then it is good or neutral for us. This is how we identify food and dishes, perfume and people.

On the contrary, if something or somebody smells awful or disgusting, that person or  thing does not go with our nature and wellness. It means that you can easily stop relationships with people who smell terrible, no matter how much expensive perfume they wear. Our nature protests against them, regardless of how good they try to be with you…

People who are in love – ideally match through natural mechanisms of complementarity – never sense each other’s  smells. If you ask one of them how their partner smells, they would tell you nothing or may add: “Wonderful, delightful and agreeable!”


Similarly to smells, people whose touchings give rise to storms of negative emotions or involuntary protests, show that they are not for us. Usually we actively avoid these people and their objects of personal belonging.

On the contrary, when people form a perfect  match, especially lovers, they enjoy touching each other under different pretexts. If the situation is public, then loving each other people would caress each other with their smiling and admiring eyes.

On the second layer of our retina there are special amacrine cells.

Amacrine cells are framed blue on the diagram

These cells contain dopamine – neurosubstances of drive, wellness and actively experiencing pleasure.

Amacrine cells are circled yellow on the photo

For this reason people drink alcohol to notice only good things about people and ignore ugliness.


Neurogenesis is the natural process of neurons and their healing & maintenance cells’s birth and maturation.

Each sensory system (vision, hearing, touch and movement, smell, taste, even inner talk) manifests itself  through neurons.

Every day thousands of stem cells appear in our bodies and brains. They come out of neuro and cells blasts – special for each type of cells tissues.

Human embryo is revealing  the inner cell mass

 Human embryo stem cells

Newly born neurons (red) among mature cells (green)
learn how to function in adult brain

Now you understand, how important it is to think and cherish things and people you love. The more often you enjoy something or somebody, the more neurons for this appear and mature to supply you with pleasure, health and wellness.

Olfactory tissue. Red are receptors. Green are neurons.
The more pleasant vs unpleasant smells you identify, enjoy or reject, the more receptors appear, the richer experience you have…

Somatic stem cells.
The more often you are touched and caressed with love and fondness,
the more cells for physical pleasure appear
and make your life a paradise.

How does it smell and taste?

Life is wonderful with this knowledge, right?

Stem cells

Later I will tell you more about neurogenesis. It is fascinating!

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