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Mind Reading or ‘What Do They Think of Me?’ (Part 2)

Yesterday we discussed a very important topic with you. It concerns the origin of inner mental strategy -  reading other people’s thoughts.

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Mental strategy is the succession of our experience elements to gain certain results. This is how it happens with people who practice ‘mind reading’.

You find yourself in a novel situation with unknown people   you feel a little uneasy, as you can not run your usual behavior and control the situation and people involved  → you need to be valued highly by people participated  →   you start wondering ‘what do they think of me?’

Sometimes, if you are completely involved in the situation, you can not analyse it spontaneously, i.e. at that moment. So, you do your analysis afterwards, wondering what impression you had produced and what they were thinking of you…

There is always a question: WHY?

Why do you need to know their opinion about you?

Now, ask this question and answer it earnestly! Take as much time as it needs to find out your intention. Even if finding out may hurt you…

My professional experience tells that people who practice ‘mind reading’ want to find out if they are really good, nice, sexy, attractive. intelligent, worthy, etc for people they like themselves or consider important.

Why do you need to be appreciated and judged positively?

The answer might shock you.

You were addicted to live by somebody else’s opinion!
And not your own.

Digging the past is not good. By doing this we mix our current energy of mature and intelligent people with the energy of childish fear to be rejected and not loved, i.e. make the ‘horrible cocktail’ of bitterness and disgust.

It is like pouring mustard into your wonderful coffee

I can tell you only one thing. People who love and value you, accept you the way you are! They feel affection for you and value your personal qualities, appearance, skills, etc. People who approve you, never criticise you. Never!

If you ever had a pet: a dog, a cat, a horse or any other animal, you know this feeling. They would always be happy in your presence, greet your coming with joy and fondness. They never doubted your character or appearance, your hair color, height, skills, speech. They just love you, the way you are!

It is true about people’s fondness. Either they do not care about you, are neutral towards you or they worship you.

Of course, animals can not substitute warm human communication. On the other hand, you can not be nice to everybody in this world to be loved and valued the way you want and need it.

You can not change your past, though some people manage to re-record it on their own terms and believe. There is a method for doing this and you can apply it, if it makes you feel better.

So, what can you do, If you do not like your ‘mind reading’ habit and wondering “What they think of me?”

Just give it up! Express your gratitude for this habit.  This habit was teaching you be better and achieve your best results.

But there is a BUT!

When you give up this habit, consciously and willingly,
you will find out that you live in a miserable social environment!

You will discover that you deal with people, who are as unsatisfied as you are. People play games just to be liked and valued…  They are afraid to be lonely… It is not easy. Are you ready for that?

Go and find people you like:  frank, open and really friendly, as yourself.

P.S. My patients and colleagues often wonder where all my knowledge and healing methods come from. From my own  personal experience. As a child I was abused, beaten, pressed and ignored. I have a curious mind of a scientist with huge experience in university teaching, research, training and clinical practice.

I had given up the ‘mind reading’ habit, purified my personal space and environment. Very few people remained with me. I do not play stupid games “who is better here?”. And I would never go to places with ugly people.

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