Sunday, August 24, 2014

Caucasus: August in Mountains

Yesterday we went to the area of Gumbashi, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, 80 km from home there is a small private ski resort ‘Mara’.

The road to this place lies among rocks and plateaus with plenty of artifacts,

originating from the time of Silk Way.
The road is practically empty, with curves

and you can race as much as it pleases you.

This is the resort itself in summer

and in winter

It is more like a family skiing area,
where the kids can master sliding on snow in safe environments.

I personally prefer to ski on Elbrus. 

Here in Mara resort we practice snow racing

This is how this place looks in August.

One of my friends has Robinson-44 helicopter

and we fly in winter…

This road leads to Elbrus, it passes the hot mineral springs. I was not there yet.

Now, in August there are still plenty of wild flowers

In the upper corner, you see leaves of a tiny birch. In several years it will be a beauty…

There air is so fresh, though it is warm, there feels the presence of icy glaciers

High in the sky, there are eagles floating (small dots on picture)

This is Caucasian eagle

On the way back, we saw horses.

My dog was watching them silently for several minutes, fascinated. Then it remembered his duty to guard me and started barking.

The horses ran away, climbing the hill

Close to home we stopped to take the picture of barley.

The sun was going down and lightening straw with golden rays

Isn’t it beautiful?

Natalia Levis-Fox,

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